In todays post I will focus on Ceremonies or Meetings of the Scrum. I will try my best to describe how these ceremonies are done to keep the progress on track and drive an agile development.

Scrum Ceremonies

1. Sprint Planning Meeting

Attendees: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team.

Duration: Minimum an hour per week. For 2 weeks sprint, 2 hours sprint planning meeting.

When? At the beginning of each sprint.

Every project starts with an idea; to make that idea a Success there should be a proper planning to implement it. Sprint planning meeting also begins with an idea or user stories in the form of Product Backlog which is owned by Product Owner. During the sprint planning meeting the product owner along with scrum master and developers find the answers to questions like “What” and “How”…

Sprint planning sets up the entire team for success through out the sprint, so special attention should be paid. Product owner describes about the products or items in the product backlog to the team while the team members decides what can be delivered during the sprint i.e. the goals of the sprint. This results in sprint backlog. In this meeting the development team estimates the effort required to achieve the sprint goals.

2. Daily Scrum Meeting

Attendees: Scrum Master, Product Owner (Optional), Development Team

Duration: 15 minutes

When? Once per day. Usually by the end of the day.

Daily scrum meeting is short in interval but is an integral part of agile development. This meeting focuses on these three questions:

a- What did I accomplish since last daily scrum meeting?

b- What I will be doing till next daily scrum meeting?

c- What are the impediments in my way?

These questions should be answered by each team member but it is just a status meeting and should not include the problem solving or planning sessions. Anyone can attend the meeting but only development team will contribute, the rest can just sit and learn.

3. Sprint Review 

Attendees: Scrum Master, Developers, Product Owner, All stakeholders (Optional)

Duration: 60-90 minutes

When? At the end of the sprint.

The purpose of this meeting is to give demonstration of Product or features to the team members. At the end of each sprint scrum team and stakeholders review the resulting increments in the product. This meeting can be from 60 – 90 minutes depending on the length of the sprint. Ideally there should be minimum of 45minutes per week of the sprint. So if your sprint is of 2 weeks then sprint review meeting is recommended to be of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Stakeholders have “stakes” in your product so it is nice if they are there to see the demonstration of the product increment. The meeting should start with little reflection on what has been achieved during the sprint followed by running the piece of code or product demo. After that Product Owner says the final words and updates the product backlog.

4. Sprint Retrospective

Attendees: Scrum Master, Developers, Product Owner

Duration: 60 minutes per sprint weeks

When? By the end of the sprint.

By the end of the sprint, the scrum team meets again for sprint retrospective. This meeting is also timeframed as one hour per sprint week. During this meeting team members reflect back on how did things go during the sprint. They analyse all the processes and tools used during the sprint. All members give feedback related to how things went. They point out the positive things as well as the instances where things didn’t go very well. Team members reflect on the interpersonal relationships during the sprint. And they discuss how things can be improved for upcoming sprints.

This is meeting is all about the feedback from team with future planning to make product and development culture better. Retrospective is not about complaints but a meeting to figure out whats working best for the team so it should be continued in future.