Are you looking to boost your career, develop new skills or are simply looking forward to stay ahead of the curve this year; you are at the right place. We can understand that it is not easy to choose which language to learn when you are new to programming and there are many factors that should be taken in to account before making a decision. But the most important of all these factors is market trends. It’s always a good idea to see whats in demand so that you don’t get disappointed by putting all your effort on a language that couldn’t pay you back.

Besides market trends it also depends on what you want to achieve by learning a new language. Is it an app design, a web application, web designing, or an app development. Here we are giving our top picks for 2017 based on our research and Git Hub’s Data, TIOBE Index, Stack Overflow etc.

1- JavaScript

JavaScript is really an amazing and most commonly used scripting language for the worldwide web. As the web take over our universe, so is the use of Javascript which is predominantly used for a web application. It is both  front-end and back-end programming language. From adding effects to creating basic functionality games, javascript is industry favourite and top popular programming language to learn.

2- Java

An object oriented programming language that tops the charts from several years  and is not going away anywhere in near future.Java is prominently preferred for its speed and performance but besides its native uses another plus point of learning Java is that it is used for android development.

3- Python

According to PYPL Popularity of Programming Index, in the last five years, Python moved up the ranks faster than others. Python seems to be very promising choice for scientists and researchers and has very good scope in image processing and nano science. It is also considered to be one of the easy language for beginners due to its syntax.

4- C++

According to Scott Meyers, author of Effective C++ book series and winner of Dr. Dobb’s Journal Excellence in Programming Award,

“In my view, C++ remains an important programming language, because the strengths it has had since its inception, continue to be compelling to software developers in a wide range of projects. I summarized those strengths as follows:

  • Compatibility with C.
  • Very general features.
  • Paradigm agnosticism.
  • Commitment to systems programming.
  • Dedication to backwards-compatibility.

There are tons of software applications, driver utilities, firmwares etc. written in C++. It has also great scope in engineering applications and embedded software development.

5- PhP

PhP is a server side scripting language. If you want to become a web developer or more specifically back-end web developer, then php is definitely a good choice to invest your time in. It’s generally used as the foundation of Content Management Systems for WordPress and other websites like Wikipedia and Facebook.

6- Rust

Developers most loved language in 2016. Rust is relatively new language that is meant to replace C++, it is specifically systems programming language and can be good choice if you are already a developer/programmer. But it’s a general-purpose language which is used to create fast, secure applications which take advantage of the powerful features of modern multi-core processors.

7-  Ruby

Ruby has been a favourite programming language among developers community, especially for small startups as well as established businesses. Although its fame was dwindling a few years back, Ruby on Rail has started regaining its popularity and by no means its popularity going to diminish in near future. Ruby has largely improved the framework and has brought agility and modular approach for developing new applications.

8- C#

Designed by Microsoft, C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. C# gives life to vast range of Microsoft applications powered by .NET Framework but is not only limited to Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It’s also used for iOS/Android Apps with the technology from Xamarin and Windows applications. The programming in C# is very much based on C and C++. So, if you have a basic idea of C and C++, learning C# won’t be much tough.

9- Swift

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. Earlier, Apple ecosystem was revolving around Objective C. But in an attempt to make things easier for developers, Apple released Swift, it’s very own programming language that use the best of C and Objective C practices allowing the developer to build an intuitive app.

10- R

With the world’s growing obsession with statistics and data analysis, R is the language you need to add to your portfolio. It would not be inaccurate to say that R could be the most sought after language in 2017 if you go by the increasing number of jobs related to R advertised on job portals.